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Are there any benefits to piling up Sports Time on Weekends?

Monday to Friday is a busy day, so the time available for sports is also very narrow. As a result, many people who accumulate sports time on weekends, with the reason “let me all”. Is this habit still beneficial for health or is it useless?

Answering the question above, research published in the journal JAMA Internal Medicine reports that exercise that is only done on weekends can still reduce all risks of disease.

Researchers from the University of Sydney and Loughborough University analyzed more about the effectiveness of the duration of exercise to prevent all attacks of chronic diseases. Participants were included quite a lot, which is 64,000 adults. The research was carried out for 18 years.

The result, participants who only do sports on weekends have a 41 percent lower chance of developing heart disease, than those who did not exercise at all for one week.

Not only that, participants who accumulate sports on weekends also have a lower risk of cancer by 18 percent!

However, summarizing sports time into one time at a time is not an easy matter.

The World Health Organization and the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Indonesia do recommend that you exercise for 30 minutes, five times a week. This means you have to exercise 150 minutes in a week.

Now, if you only have one or two days to ‘pile up’ all of that duration, your body may experience extreme fatigue.

It was said by dr. Theresia Rina Yunita, exercising for too long without taking time to rest can cause the body to limp and dehydrate. Thus, instead of being fresh and healthy, you feel the opposite.

Tips on ‘piling up’ sports on weekends
For those of you who want to pile up sports time at the end of the week, more careful preparation is needed. Preparations that should be made so that exercise does not cause excessive fatigue, namely:

Share time
Weekends have two days, namely Saturday and Sunday. Try to divide the total duration of exercise in the two days, for example 75 minutes on Saturday and 75 minutes on Sunday.

If your weekend is only one day, don’t forget to give a break! Don’t do 150 minutes of exercise without a break to drink and rest your body!

Enough time to sleep
Because weekends will be used for physical activity, that means you shouldn’t use Friday nights to stay up.

“If you don’t get enough sleep before exercising, your risk of injury can increase. Immunity decreases and the process of repairing body tissues becomes disrupted, “said Dr. Nabila Viera Yovita.

“After all, when you are sleepy, the performance of activities is not optimal,” he explained further.

Start by eating
Don’t forget to eat balanced nutritious food a few hours before exercising. Also sufficient fluid needs, for example by drinking water or sports drinks.

If before exercise you are hungry again, do not consume heavy food. You can eat bananas to overcome them.

accumulating sports time on weekends is not prohibited. It is still good for health, as long as you make preparations in advance. Don’t forget to warm up, start exercising!