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Easily Hungry after Exercising, What Causes It?

Controlled exercise and appetite can be said to be key in losing weight. But somehow, sometimes you just feel hungry easily after exercising, so the intention to lose weight is chaotic.

In fact, the sport itself is healthy, too bad if it is damaged by uncontrolled appetite. To avoid this, you should first identify the cause.

Your exercise intensity is less severe
According to Dr. Nitish Basant Adnani BMedSc MSc, the condition of being hungry after exercising seems to be related to the intensity of the exercise being exercised. High-intensity exercise will burn more calories than walking casually.

Through, high intensity exercise can reduce appetite compared to mild or moderate intensity. That is, if you easily feel hungry after exercising, then it could be that the intensity of the exercise that you play is not heavy enough or not in accordance with the needs of physical conditions.

“When you are exercising heavily, your body will prioritize blood flow to the heart, brain and muscles. Meanwhile, the digestive tract will get less blood supply, “explained Dr. Nitish.

“The heavier the sport activity is carried out, the more blood is drawn from the intestine, and the less potential a person has to feel hungry,” he continued.

The duration of exercise is too fast
In addition to the intensity of exercise that is too mild, the duration of exercise that is too short can also cause a person to get hungry. Because, the longer a person exercises, the longer the body’s condition will return to normal and make it hungry.

But remember, the explanation above does not mean advising you to exercise excessively, yes! Do sports with heavy intensity (according to body fitness conditions) and do it in the right duration so that the results can also be maximized.

Another factor is the emergence of excessive hunger after exercise
However, according to Dr. Nadia Octavia, if you exercise excessively, there will usually also be an intention to eat a lot afterwards as an ‘revenge’ attempt. Thus, excessive or too light in sports can indeed increase appetite and hunger afterwards.

Then, if the condition of being hungry easily after exercise is only caused by those two things? Apparently not. There are still a few things that can bring up these conditions, namely:

Lack of food
It’s good, a few hours before exercising you fill your stomach first. If the stomach has been empty for too long, after exercising, surely you will feel very hungry and tend to consume lots of calories!

When hunger and thirst come together, some people are still confused about which one to overcome first.

As a result, some people actually ignore the thirst that actually must be overcome. The longer dehydration is ignored, the feeling of weakness will be increasingly felt and hunger goes crazy too.

Wrong mindset
Many people do not know what true hunger is like. Because, many think, because they have been exercising, so they can eat a lot.

However, if your sporting goal is to lose weight, that is an incorrect mindset. Even if you lose weight later, you also have to keep control of it to maintain your health and maintain your weight.

In addition, if the exercise is a new type of exercise, the activity will usually affect metabolism and hunger. So, understand the concept and don’t be easily tempted to eat in too many portions after exercising.

Those are some things that cause you to get hungry easily after exercising. To outsmart it, eat enough just a few hours before exercise, then exercise with the right intensity and duration.

If hungry after exercise remains difficult to dammed, try to eat foods that do not contain much fat and sugar, and are low in calories. So, these foods do not damage your efforts to lose weight.