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Does Protein Drinks Help Muscles After Exercise?

Sports activists must be quite familiar with protein drinks. Based on research, protein drinks were not effective in helping to build muscle and improve recovery after exercise. However there are many people who consume these protein drinks after exercise.

Protein beverage products are generally available in powder form. The way to drink it is dissolved with water. There is also a more practical, which is already sold in the form of ready-to-drink packages.

The impact of protein drinks for muscle recovery is not significant?
Well, if you include those who often rely on protein drinks such as protein shakes after weight training for muscle repair, the study results say that the results are not so effective.

A new study from Lincoln University, UK, shows that protein shakes are no more effective in increasing muscle recovery or reducing post-exercise muscle aches compared to high-carbonated drinks (one example is energy drinks). These findings certainly become a conversation among sportsmen, so it needs to be discussed further.

The study, conducted by researchers from Lincoln University, England, recruited 30 male participants aged 20 and 30 years. All participants had at least one year of resistance training experience before the study.

Study participants published in the medical journal “Journal of Human Kinetics” are divided into three groups. Some are given whey protein hydrolisate drinks, milk, and high-carbohydrate drinks with flavor to drink after intensive exercise.

After the exercise, participants were retested and asked to rate their level of muscle pain from a scale of zero (ie not experiencing muscle pain) to a scale of 200 (severe muscle pain).

The researchers also asked participants to complete a series of endurance and strength assessments, including throwing a medicine ball exercise ball while sitting and jumping as high as possible from a squatting position. As a result, there were no differences in recovery response and pain scores in the three different groups.

In conclusion, there are no additional benefits in consuming protein drinks related to muscle recovery. Although protein and carbohydrate are very important for repairing muscle fibers after intensive strength training, studies show that combining protein after exercise does not affect the response of muscle recovery or reduction in muscle pain. Researchers conclude that healthy and balanced daily nutrition practices play a more effective role.

Alternative drinks to restore the body after exercise
The following are the types of drinks that can be consumed after exercising to restore lost electrolytes and blood sugar levels to normal amounts, reducing muscle damage or pain during and after exercise.

Coconut water
Coconut water is very rich in electrolytes and antioxidants. Based on a study, coconut water contains potassium (an important electrolyte that is lost through sweat which helps store carbohydrates for energy) five times more than sports drinks.

Chocolate milk
This drink provides the body with the supply of protein, calcium, and carbohydrates needed for muscle recovery and muscle development, especially after intense exercise.

There is one tip that you deserve to try, which is to mix it with bananas, then blender. With the addition of bananas, chocolate milk is enriched with electrolytes and potassium the body needs.

Orange juice
Natural sugar in orange juice (real orange) is enough to replace some of the sugar used by the body. Orange juice also contains carbohydrates and potassium, but what distinguishes it from other drinks is the high vitamin C content.

Yogurt provides a number of proteins that are essential for the body’s recovery process. In order not to be bland, add fruits such as strawberries, bananas, or blueberries. In addition to being high in protein and carbohydrates, there are also additional intake of electrolytes and antioxidants.

The results of a recent study found that protein drinks are not as effective as they have been thought to help with muscle recovery after exercise. However, this study still has shortcomings and needs further study. As an alternative, the four drinks above can also help restore the body’s condition after exercising.